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Only at Camp Easy Ride can you earn rewards for having the time of your life!


Simply Arrive, Party, Drop, Repeat, Leave and complete a punch card to earn your next rally stay with us! 


10 Punches earns you a $499 reward voucher toward your next rally stay! That covers you at just about any of our 3-4 day rally events!  


Signing up is easy, simply subscribe to our emails by setting up your punch card and earn one free punch.  That’s right, it is that easy, you don’t even have to carry the card with you, it's digital! Then when you check in at the event your punch card will be automatically updated with 1 punch per 2-4 day stay or 2 punches for a 5-9 day stay.  The more events you stay with us, the more punches you earn!


Want to earn that FREE stay even faster?  How about another punch for each person that you referrer that has a paid in full reservation for any of our events.  Not fast enough?  Go ahead and leave a review anytime after you've checked in and POW! another punch on that card.   


Lets look at the potential!  Simply signing up earns you 1 punch.  A 9 night stay at one of our national rallies earn ya 2 more punches, refer two friends and thats 2 more punches.  Submit a review on our fb page as well as google and that's 2 additional punches for a total of 7 punchouts!  Might as well hit the next 4 night rally and refer two friends to join you to catch the last 3 punches for a total of 10!!!  And boom!  You're next rally stay is on the house!!!  


It’s easy and It is FREE to sign up, we only ask you subscribe to our emails so you can stay informed about future events and announcements.  Start earning your FREE stay now by signing up for the Camp Easy Ride Rewards Punch Card.

What are you waiting for?!?! Sign up already!

Download the MyDigiPunch App

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Simply Arrive, Party, Drop, Repeat, Leave!

Only at Camp Easy Ride

Your Ultimate Moto-Glamping Experience!

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