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Our Story- 

Camp Easy Ride (CER) was born out of necessity in January of 2021 for three reasons.  Firstly, far too many riders take to the streets after a night of celebrating and unfortunately never make it home.  Giving them a safe, comfortable place within close proximity of their entertainment inherently is going to save lives, there is no doubt about that.  


Secondly, who really wants to setup camp when all you want is a beer and then tear down camp when all you want is to never think about beer again. lol  Camp Easy Ride provides everything you may need and everything you didnt know you needed to camp comfortably in a safe, fun, group environment.  


Thirdly, today's age has become far out of personal touch for most individuals.  From emails of condolences to facebook birthday wishes, society has simply been conditioned to conduct human interaction and affection through the key board and smart phone.  


You have to question, were did the pride in shaking hands go?  When did the comfort of hugging someone get loss?  When did a stranger, stop becoming a new friend?  Even before the pandemic, it was slowing fading away.  Come as strangers and leave as friends has been reduced to what we call, 5-minute friendships, the average time interacting with a stranger as you sit at a bar with a beer to never make contact again.  


Nearly two years ago in the height of the anti social ladder, covid-19 of course, we were unsettled with the realization that faceless smiles and 6 foot spacing is only going to drive the long loss treasure of camaraderie further into the distance of no return so we announced our very first campout event and its been a huge hit sense for the wild to mild patrons alike. 


Camp Easy Ride prides its self in pushing the comfort level of most, as the first step alone of making a reservation hundreds or even thousands of miles away and trusting an unknown character as your host and team to have you setup along side of strangers screams out, "what the hell am I thinkin?"  But, a hug or handshake upon arrival to follow with pages of 5 star reviews, hundreds of personal connections and countless smiles of appreciation for what Camp Easy Ride stands for shows that there's still a glimmer of hope in what a community truly means.   Camp Easy Ride's entire goal is to show our patrons that they mean more than just a balance sheet and that's exactly what we do.  Be it a simple iced down bottle of water upon arrival to searching the depths of the rally area for that last brother or sister that may have had some trouble on the road. 


There isn't a whole lot that our team wouldn't do for our patrons or any other rider in need.  Having watched many great friendship development by simple reserving a tent and building the camaraderie by sitting around a camp fire, sharing conversation over coffee, going on group adventures and ensuring your safe arrival to and from camp, is what Camp Easy Ride is all about and will always hold it as the highest priority. 


Thank you all for you continued support!


Ride Safe,

Marcus - Host

Camp Easy Ride


Simply Arrive, Party, Drop, Repeat, Leave!

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