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  • How do I book my Camp Easy Ride tent?
    Simply click on the BOOK NOW button anywhere within the website or our Facebook page. Once clicked a separate window will open to the Camp Easy Ride Reservation Portal. Here you will find all of the upcoming Camp Easy Ride Events. Once you locate the event that you're interested in, you'll click on the spot under the blue box that says, 'Next Date: month/day. From there, the system will generate the availability of the event. Click BOOK NOW to proceed through the booking process and place your $50 reservation hold.
  • How do I book my venue passes?
    Many people ask if they still have to purchase venue passes if they stay with Camp Easy Ride. The answer is yes and the easiest way to explain it is that Camp Easy Ride is simply an added amenity to the rally venue. They charge a nightly fee per person to cover the entertainment, amenities and overall venue expenses. So regardless of sleeping under your favorite tree with a sleeping bag or stay within the Camp Easy Ride compound to enjoy all of its features, you still need to pay the venue which averages $20-$30 per night per person and should obtained by visiting the venues website or box office.
  • How early should I book?
    Booking early not only can save you money but in most cases secures you a spot within a compound that usually sells out. Not to mention, Camp Easy Ride requires a specific number of reservations in order for the project to proceed. So reserving early with only $50 down not only saves you time and hassle but ensures that the compound hits its requires goals.
  • How much is the glamour tent?
    Depending on the event, package is as low as $499 so you too can Simply Arrive, Party, Drop, Repeat, Leave! Please click the book now button to see current pricing.
  • What happens if I reserve within 30 days of an event?
    If your lucky enough to grab a spot before we sell out, a $50 payment will secure the spot with the balance due within 24 hours.
  • What happens if I don't pay my balance by the 30 days of the event?
    You officially forfeit your deposit and the reservation slot goes to the next lucky rider on the wait list.
  • Is C.E.R. available at other events.
    Yup. We grow more popular by the event and have plans to be offered nationwide to an event near you
  • Can the compound just be for my personal group of riders?
    Unfortunately for this little project to work out we must sell a minimum number of tents. So unless your group organizer is able to secure our minimum requirements, we must offer them on a first come basis!
  • Are the tents preassigned?
    No tent is pre assigned. Upon checking in, you simply find a tent of your liking that does not have a personal msge on the number board to the bottom left of the tent. To claim your tent simply notify your camp host of the tent number and leave something personal on the bed and then zip up the front entry panels to make it easy for the next to find availability. Only exception is groups of 6 or more that request grouping as well as tents with the Room Mate option of which will be preassigned.
  • How many people can stay in my tent?
    You may have up two two individuals for the event rate. For upto a total of 4 occupants, you may choose the room mate option which varies by event but includes an additional full sized mattress and linen as well as all the benefits of the Camp Easy Ride compound.
  • When is check in time?
    Strictly 4pm on the start date of the event. That means no bags, no naps, no quickies. We need adequate time to set everyone up and then take uninterrupted marketing pics for the next awesome event on the Camp Easy Ride world tour.
  • What if I have to cancel?
    Then we'll mock you when your not around! 😜 oh but from a monetary point, this program only exist with numbers being reserved. All reservations are paid in full and final within 30 days of the event. Please see the full refund policy within the booking process for complete details and exemptions.
  • What if the venue cancels the event prior to opening?
    Were all familiar with Covid the A-hole, so in such an event where the venue has to cancel the event, a full credit in the form of a voucher will be issued which does not expire but can not be sold or transferred, but does get you priority reservation access as the first 72 hours of reservation is available for voucher holders only to ensure you claim a spot before we sell out as usual.
  • What if C.E.R. has to cancel?
    In the rare case that we need to cancel which would really only happen if we don't get enough interest to cover the overhead, ie venue and labor and such, a full refund will be issued.
  • Can I lock the tent up so that my personal items are safe?
    Yes, upon check in, you can request a 3 digit luggage lock and combination to which the primary zipper doors can be secured. (please be advised that Camp Easy Ride is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of any personal items including but not limited to motorcycles.
  • Is there power?
    Power is offered for the bed side fans, c-pap machines and charging capability via a whisper generator or site power. (Varies by site and policy) All tents are daisy chained together so please be courteous and ensure that all existing power lines stay connected and only use low wattage items as you may be robbing your down line neighbor of power.
  • Is there water?
    Water is provided if the venue offers water. Otherwise waterless sanitation soap will be provided.
  • Can I move the tent to my own area?
    Nope!!! You're stuck with us! Plus not only will you risk damaging your precious pleasure palace but the entire set up takes a tremendous amount of time to setup and messing with my O.C.D. and schedule will incur a hefty fine and mockery.
  • When is check out time?
    10am promptly. Now with consideration we do understand that the previous night may have ended with a 6am bender so we'll try our best to pack yours up last, but please understand, we have a tremendous amount of work packing up before our journey home so you may be woke up if we cant delay your tent any longer.
  • Does the tent have a rain cover?
    Yes. Each tent has a rain fly which can easily be removed for better air circulation or for audience viewing pleasure. 😜Our advise though is to only pull back half of the fly so that if an unexpected storm pops up, it'll be quick and easy to recover rather than fighting the wind trying to reattach. (Any damaged due to rain while uncovered will be your responsibility and charges will apply toward the credit card on file.)
  • How many plugs does the power offer?
    Each tent comes with a 3 outlet adapter. 1 of which is to daisy chain the cord to the next tent leaving two. One will be plugged into the bedside fan and the other to the build in pump for the air mattress. Feel free to use either for any of your low voltage devises but be certain not to unplug the orange plug that leads in and out of your tent as that's what daisy chains.
  • Does the tent have interior lights?
    Yes. Each tent has a hanging battery operated light. Please be sure to turn your light off when not in use as there will be no replacement batteries available after your initial check in inspection.
  • Can I pay for a glamour tent for a future event?
    Absolutely!!! In fact you'll even get a discount for early reserving.
  • Can I gift a glamour tent to someone else?
    Um ya. How cool would you be!
  • Can I park my bike directly next to my tent?
    Unfortunately only if you claim an outer tent for a couple of reason, first because residual hot pipes can damage our tents but mostly because having someone fire up their hog for a early morning ride right next to the slumbering head of a neighbor may not be appreciated. There will how ever be a dedicate bike area.
  • What if I damage something in the setup
    Real simple, don't mess up my stuff! Otherwise Mr. credit card on file will take a little ride. 😜 (renter will be held responsible for all damages or loss)
  • Can I make the mattress firmer or softer?
    Yes, if you reach down the top of your mattress in between the pillows, you'll find a switch that if you push down itll deflate the mattress, pushed up will increase the pressure. Be certain that the pump is plugged in.
  • What do I do if the mattress goes flat.
    These mattresses are top quality, and very durable although a sharp object or tiny prick 😜 may compromise the mattress but before you assume it's going flat, please understand how air reacts to the cold and hot elements. Otherwise if its 95 degrees when we inflate to a full firm feeling but then night fall brings a chilly 69 degrees, the air in your mattress will condense making the mattress less firm. Simple solution is to refer to your built in pump as mention above til you achieve the level of firmness desired.
  • Can I get an extra blanket if it's cold?
    Unfortunately all materials are accounted for each event based off the reservation cap. A limited number of extras are brought for emergency replacements only. Ie, damaged air mattress, soiled comforters etc... but I'm sure there is a helpful pal or two that will happily keep you warm. 😜. One small tip is to bring a light blanket with you and put between the sheets and yourself to protect against the cold air in the mattress.
  • Can I smoke in the tents?
    There is no form of tobacco or giggle bush smoking allowed inside of the tent. Any evidence of will incur a $500 charge to the payment source on file.
  • Can I use the camp chairs outside of the compound such as to watch the bands.
    Although not recommended as we don't carry extras, but if you do, you are fully responsible for their condition and return.
  • Can I use an electric heater or AC unit in the tent?
    Unfortunately no. As mentioned previously, all tents are daisy chained together which means if someone mid line plugs in a 1500 watt room heater, it may blow the sources breaker causing everyone to loose power.
  • Will power be available the entire time during the event?
    Yes as long as the venue offers or permits power from our whisper generator. Although with a generator it will be gas dependent which means mid hours of the day we may power down to conserve fuel.
  • Where do I leave a review of my experience?
    Great question and much appreciated. Not only does a fantastic review of your experience help other riders to determine if this concept is a great fit or not for them but it also helps build this unique service to reach all your favorite events. So please, pretty please leave a review at the following fb page.
  • Can I request Camp Easy Ride to be featured at an event that I'm managing
    Hell's ya. Matter of fact, 90% of our events are either referred or management of a future event stumbles into our compound and insist that we join in their debauchery. So either reach out to an events coordinator or myself directly to request.
  • Is there an extra charge for the breakfast cocktails, snack table or hospitality suite?
    Nope. All niceties of C.E.R. is included and available to any one that sleeps at our compound but if your not official registered with us ie, new friendly friend from last night or your buddy that was too wasted to find his own bed 😜, please contribute generously to the tip jar as all supplies are accounted for based off my reservation list.
  • What do I need to do upon check out?
    imply get the f#ck out! Lol. Other than that, take your personal items, trash and used party jackets with you. All that we ask is that you open up all the windows (weather permitting) to air out last night's bad decisions. We got the rest. 😁
  • What's included in the care package?
    Care package typically include a single use package of ibuprofen, a bottle of water, single use ear plugs, reusable sanitizer bottle and a night mask but can vary by event.
  • How do I contact someone if I need assistance?
    My self and my awesome crew with be available from the hours of 8am-8pm reachable via text which will be provided with your welcome letter. Outside of these hours, assistance will be limited or delayed as we'll probably be out participating in the debauchery with you all. So please try to be a big boy or girl and solve your own minor issues starting with fully reading and understanding this Q&A or asking a neighbor for assistance. P.s. dont text me because your fitted sheet came undone or you can't find the light switch! I'm not your butler or mommy!
  • Can I leave a tip?
    F#ck ya! Our team works our asses off so you don't have too. Tips, shots or just a big hug is greatly appreciated and can be left in the form of cash, credit card or a set of frisky hands. 😜
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